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Social+ multiplatform

One of the most complex projects I've been working on. Social+ is a multiplatform combining the features of ebay , crowdfunding , social projects , classifieds , freecycling , social platform , groupon , nectar cards , offline store discounts, shared economy & business platform connecting business individuals and companies. I was responsible for the backend and to help with the hardest tasks in the front end including new more sophosticated modules , payment processing and general technical project manager for the whole project. Was also reponsible for all the financial operations , two API for the system , server configuration and administration , optimisation and security. The system has a custom API responsible for all the sensitive operations like all the users/companies related interactions. A secondary API that was dealing with a third party company responsible for communication betwen onsite offline locations discount cards( through the fiscal devices ) and processing the transactions and reflecting them in the system.
All the major payment processors are available. Frontend and one of the API are built with Zend framework. The other API is custom due to performance considerations.Sophisticated automated transactions processing. Also a custom backup soclution. Database replication for security purposes.

user: tester@tester.com password:tester
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TECH: Zend framework , php , Mysql , Javascript , linux command-line . Various other technologies.