Portfolio : VPAID ADS


Digital Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) is establishing a common interface between video players and ad units, enabling a rich interactive in-stream ad experience. In plain english this means VPAID is settled as an industry standart for delivering internet ads in a specific way so that the ad unit looks ok in any resolution , it is cross-browser and optimized for all types of digital devices , screens and it can be reused by every publisher that supports the VPAID player standarts. I've been creating a lot of ad units prepared for vpaid enabled publishers. Have been using both flash and javascript depending on the task.

DEMOS: Destiny , Destiny inboard , Elizabeth Aarden , Samsung , British airways , Lenovo , Nike interactive , Microsoft , Minions , Axa insurance , Axa insurance inboard , Nike , Heineken , Samsung galaxy

TECH: Design, Animation, Postproduction, Flash, Javascript, Php, Various API